Friday, December 16, 2016

Thank You, Bud

In his December 2 article, “6 reasons why young people must save more”, Henry K. “Bud” Hebeler makes compelling arguments in favor of planning for retirement and the need for younger workers to save more.  His article is a good complement to our previous post on retirement planning for Millennials. 

Bud concludes his article by saying, “Start planning for retirement. Workers need to know how much to save each week or month, and retirees need to know how much they can spend. Plans will never be perfect and must be redone periodically. Periodic updates provide the feedback that corrects our past assumptions for returns, inflation and life expectancies.”  He chides individuals for failing to plan, “considering the many retirement program available free on the internet.”

We couldn’t agree more with Bud.  It is, however, somewhat embarrassing to us that he has managed to capture the essence of our 200+ blog posts in just a few concise sentences. 

You can find Bud’s free planning tools at, a website that we have recommended in our “Other Calculators and Tools” section for years.  You can use our Actuarial Budget Calculators or one of Bud’s many tools to give you the “data points” necessary to make reasonable spending/saving decisions.